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Leonora Bolt: Deep Sea Calamity by Lucy Brandt published by Puffin today


Congratulations to Lucy Brandt – Leonora Bolt: Deep Sea Calamity is published by Puffin today, with illustrations by Gladys Jose. Deep Sea Calamity is the second in the middle grade series following the madcap adventures of young inventor Leonora, and follows her deep sea mission to find her parents.

Leonora isn’t supposed to be building a submarine in a tree. Or turning the local wildlife luminous. In fact, she is supposed to be keeping her head down and drawing no attention – because Leonora Bolt is an inventor in secret.

But she can’t stop thinking of the clues she found to her missing parents’ location. So, deep in hiding in Snorebury, desperately trying to avoid being discovered by her evil uncle, Leonora is hatching a plan.

So what if involves launching a homemade submarine into the middle of the ocean, accompanied only by a couple of friends and an otter with particularly sensitive whiskers? For when disaster strikes, Leonora’s wackiest plan might just be her most brilliant yet…

Lucy’s first novel, Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor, was published in January 2022 to brilliant reviews.

A hilariously silly adventure for 7+, full of fishy foodstuffs and ingenious gadgets.’ The Guardian

‘Warm, funny and with plenty for parents to enjoy too.’ The Scottish Sun

‘A joyous story about a young inventor who has to use all her considerable brain power to defeat her villainous uncle.’ The i

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