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Dr Sheila Kanani’s Can You Get Rainbows in Space? published today by Puffin


Why is blood red? Why are carrots orange? Is the sky really blue?

Congratulations to Dr Sheila Kanani on the publication of Can You Get Rainbows in Space?, out today from Puffin Books.

This is Sheila’s incredible collection of scientific facts about colour. You’ll find out how some animals are able to glow in the dark and how others change their colours to hide from predators. Keep reading to discover why leaves change colour in the autumn, why your veins look blue but your blood is red, and why the language we use shapes the colours we see . . .

And you’ll learn exactly how to make a rainbow – in space.

Sheila is a planetary physicist, science presenter, secondary school physics teacher, space comedian and published author, with a background in astrophysics and astronomy research from UK universities. She regularly acts as a science ambassador, visiting schools and speaking at events. Sheila is currently the Education, Outreach and Diversity officer for the Royal Astronomical Society. Sheila enjoys walking on her local beach with her family of boys, playing sports, gazing at the stars, reading and eating (preferably reading whilst eating!). Her favourite planet is Saturn.

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