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Lucy Brandt’s Leonora Bolt: Eco Engineer published today by Puffin


Violet Baudelaire meets Peanut Jones in this epic STEM-themed adventure about believing in your brainpower – and yourself.

Congratulations to Lucy Brandt on the publication of Leonora Bolt: Eco Engineer, out today from Puffin Books.

In Book 3 of Leonora’s series, her evil uncle Luther is back, and he’s created a monstrous new amusement park built under a MASSIVE snow globe, hidden in the Perilous Desert. It’s an environmental disaster! Will Leonora and her trusty otter sidekick, Twitchy, be able to shut down Luther for good?

Lucy is a mum of two young kids and lives and works in Brighton. She has worked for nearly twenty years in a variety of traditional and digital marketing roles, largely specialising in technology – she has poured her technological knowledge into the inventions she created for Leonora Bolt.

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