Lucy Brandt

Lucy Brandt is a mum of two young kids and lives and works in Brighton. She graduated from the University of York with a BA Hons in English and since then she has worked for nearly twenty years in a variety of traditional and digital marketing roles, largely specialising in technology. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves dragging her reluctant family on walks up big hills and swimming in the sea.

Her debut middle grade novel, Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor, will be published by Puffin in 2022.


Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor

Lucy Brandt

Orphaned Leonora lives on a remote island, spending her days making brilliantly cool inventions. When a strange boy called Jack washes up on an inflatable lobster and reveals that her evil Uncle Luther has been stealing her inventions and selling them on the mainland, a laugh-out-loud adventure begins – complete with furry otters, confused pirates, and a very secret society…