Dr Kevin Fong

Dr Kevin Fong to host evening of moon programs for BBC Radio 4 extra


Moon Night 3

Join Kevin Fong through the night for a special selection of lunar programmes new to 4 Extra.

It sits around 240,000 miles away from earth, yet it dominates our night sky, moves our oceans and has been a source of cultural and artistic wonder for thousands of years.

On the full moon night of 24 March, Professor, doctor and broadcaster Kevin Fong takes a long look at our relationship with the moon through a deep journey into the BBC Archive.

Programmes will include a lunar adventure with Jarvis Cocker, a study of werewolves with Mark Radcliffe, Helen Sharman hears from those who have stood on the moon itself, and Bill Nighy stars in a drama about how love and the moon could destroy the world. Going through the night, from 10pm until 5am, join Kevin Fong for a unique night of radio, taking you to the moon and back, for a journey into our obsession with the earth’s only natural satellite.

Programmes include: Jarvis Cocker’s Wireless Night: Full Moon (from 2022); Howling At The Moon with Mark Radcliffe (from 1993); Soul Music: Harvest Moon by Neil Young (from 2020); A Sleepwalk on the Severn by Alice Oswald (from 2013); Moonwalk Memoirs with Helen Sharman (from 1999); I Wish to Apologise for My Part in the Apocalypse starring Bill Nighy (from 2009).

Produced by Luke Doran for BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Listen from 22:00 on Sunday 24 March through to 05:00 Monday 25 March on BBC Radio 4 Extra. 

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