Dr Kevin Fong

Dr Kevin Fong to co-host new BBC Radio 4 series The Artificial Human


Kevin Fong The Artifical Human

Dr Kevin Fong will co-host The Artificial Human, a new BBC Radio 4 series seeking to answer our questions on all things artificial intelligence-related. 

Every day, we read something new about Artificial Intelligence – it’ll take our jobs, it’ll teach our kids, it knows more about us than we do ourselves. How much of that is hype, and how much is, or will be reality?

In a new series, Aleks Krotoski (The Digital Human, Radio 4) and Kevin Fong (13 Minutes to the Moon, BBC World Service) set out to ‘solve’ AI. Or at the very least, to answer our questions on all things artificial intelligence-related. These are the questions that really matter to us. Is AI smarter than me? Could AI make me money? Will AI save my life or make me its slave?

These questions predate the current frenzy created by the likes of Chat GPT, BARD and LlaMA. They’ve been in our collective psyche ever since the very first thinking machines. Now these fears and excitement are a reality. This series arrives at a critical moment.

Aleks and Kevin don’t have all the answers, but they bring intelligence, curiosity and wit to the journey, seeking out the facts for us and speaking to those who are currently shaping our AI futures.

This is very much a shared journey to get to the bottom of our deepest hopes and fears about these world changing technologies. Each episode will start with a question, and by the end, Aleks and Kevin give us answers we can take away and reflect on, making the subject a little clearer – for us, and for themselves.

The Artificial Human is broadcast weekly on Monday afternoons from 19th February, or listen on BBC Sounds

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