Will Jordan

Will Jordan lives in Fife, near Edinburgh. He gained an honours degree in Information Technology and currently works in web design for Sky Digital. Aside from writing, his interests include military history, mountain climbing, fitness training, boxing and, of course, reading.

Will has always been drawn to books whose characters inspire him in his own life; stories of people rising above their circumstances, refusing to be beaten down and pushing themselves to do things they shouldn’t be able to do; an element which he has tried to bring across in his own work.

As part of his research for the hugely popular Ryan Drake series, Will has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to handle and test fire many of the weapons mentioned in the books, as well as interview several military contacts (including close friends who have served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq) about their experiences, and for information on assault tactics and unarmed combat techniques. Will’s favourite authors are Andy McNab, Cormac McCarthy and Khaled Hosseini.


Dark Harvest

Will Jordan

For fans of World War Z, a chilling mystery, an ancient threat, and a race against time to save humanity–inspired by the true events of the Dyatlov Pass incident

Russia, 1959. Nine members of a Soviet mountaineering team on an ambitious expedition into the Ural Mountains are found dead, victims of massive and bizarre injuries. The Dyatlov Pass incident, as this grisly event came to be known, remains unexplained to this day.

Iraq, 2019. Ex-soldier-turned-mercenary Cameron Becker is escorting a Russian businessman named Luka Belikov through Baghdad. It seems like a routine job, until Belikov is abducted on Becker’s watch.

After forming an uneasy alliance with WHO medic Lori Dalton, Becker sets out to uncover the truth behind the attack, and quickly realizes he’s caught in the middle of something far bigger and more dangerous. As bio-terrorists prepare to unleash a virus that causes humans to descend into ravenous madness, the pair are thrust into a desperate race against time to prevent a global plague that could wipe out human civilization.

Who is behind the attack? What do they want? And how can humanity hope to survive? Becker and Dalton’s answers may just lie deep within the icy wastes of the Ural Mountains …

Something to Die For

Will Jordan

Time has run out for Ryan Drake. Most of his friends are dead or disappeared. Corrupt CIA Director Marcus Cain is poised to ascend to the highest levels of power, and the shadowy group known as the Circle is causing chaos across the globe.

But one shred of hope remains. A message hidden by his mother shortly before her death launches Drake and his sister Jessica on a desperate race against time. But they aren’t the only ones tracking down the answers…

Meanwhile Drake’s estranged ally, Anya, embarks on a mission of her own, driven by murderous vengeance. The trail of bodies left in her wake attracts powerful enemies, threatening the delicate balance that holds the world in check.

A climactic showdown awaits, where Drake must question everything if he is to defeat the enemy within.

The epic conclusion to Ryan Drake’s mission from a master of the action thriller, perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum and Vince Flynn.


Will Jordan

‘My name is Ryan Drake and this is just the beginning.’

Ryan Drake and his team are in hiding, having become sworn enemies of states and agencies around the world. But when a CIA operative and former adversary is killed in a car bomb attack, Drake is shocked to hear someone claiming responsibility using his name.

Forced out of hiding by this mysterious new threat, Drake embarks alone on a dangerous and deadly search for answers; a journey that will take him from the slums of Rio to the deserts of Tunisia and the mountains of Afghanistan. But as the stranger’s insidious influence grows stronger, he begins to realise the key to unravelling the present lies in his own shadowy past.

Following his trail of destruction, the team must fight to save Drake not only from a list of ruthless enemies, but even more urgently, from himself.

An edge-of-your-seat action thriller from bestselling author Will Jordan, perfect for fans of James Phelan and Vince Flynn.

Trial by Fire

Will Jordan

In a tense and action-filled novella, Ryan Drake and his team must go to Ukraine to find a compromised CIA source – but is new unit member Keira Frost up to the job?

Tech specialist Keira Frost has just graduated to the big leagues. But despite numerous commendations for outstanding achievement and a tour of duty under her belt, it’s a reputation for insubordination that precedes her with Agency field ops. Tasked with proving she can take orders and fit in, she’s eager to get started, but new CO Ryan Drake is not going to make that easy.

As the team are sent to the wasteland of Pripyat, the town devastated by the disaster of Chernobyl, radiation is not the only danger waiting for them…

Shadow Conflict

Will Jordan

The latest incredible thriller featuring rogue agent Ryan Drake.

Ryan Drake is incarcerated at a Black Site in an unknown location. Bruised, naked and freezing on the floor, he has nothing left. His plot to assassinate the treacherous Marcus Cain – the Deputy Director of the CIA and now his captor – failed, and Drake must face the consequences.

But Cain needs information even more than he wants to take Drake’s life. The whereabouts of the mysterious Anya are unknown, and therefore she remains a threat, both to herself, and to Cain’s ruthless ambitions at Langley and beyond. He knows she’ll give everything to get Drake free, but can he know what – or rather who – she’s ready to take?

Taking in Paris, Poland, Pakistan and Prague, before sweeping to a pulsatingly powerful conclusion, Shadow Conflict shows Will Jordan at the very height of his storytelling powers. It is a relentlessly twisting and exciting novel, and perfect for fans of Chris Ryan, Vince Flynn or Lee Child.

Deadly Cargo

James Patterson with Will Jordan

We have to go out, but we don’t have to come back.

When a distress call is received at the Casco Cove Coast Guard Station in Alaska, Rick O’Neill readies his team for a rescue mission. In the storm-tossed freezing waters they find the foundering Russian cargo ship, but when they try to make contact they receive no response. Boarding what appears to be a deserted vessel, O’Neill begins to realise that nothing on this ship is as it seems, and he may have just led his team into a trap.

Second Chances

Will Jordan

She’s wanted by the CIA. But Ryan Drake has other plans…

Olivia Mitchell defied orders and failed to kill her target. Now severely injured, CIA operatives are waiting to intercept her at an Istanbul hospital, and extradite by any means possible.

Little do the Agency know that Ryan Drake and his team are also on the scene, and for them she is a valuable asset, with history and connections of immediate interest. If they can escape, the gamble may pay off handily. If not, the consequences will be grave.

Is Drake taking one risk too many?

Second Chances is a thrilling novella from the bestselling author of Deception Game and Ghost Target, full of his trademark ingenuity and no-holds-barred action.

Ghost Target

Will Jordan

From Marseille to Islamabad at breakneck pace… it’s kill or be killed for Ryan Drake and his team.

Ryan Drake, once a decorated field operative, is now wanted for treason. On the run from the CIA’s corrupt Deputy Director Marcus Cain, he has spent the past six months in a remote French safe house. Drake’s former life seems to be behind him, but the uneasy peace is shattered when Cain moves against him with startling force.

Meanwhile, the war in Afghanistan is faltering in the wake of a devastating suicide attack. Cain though has a plan to find and destroy al-Qaeda’s top commanders. And nobody will stand in his way.

Backed into a corner, Drake turns to the deadly but unpredictable Anya – once Cain’s most promising agent, now his most bitter enemy. With tensions running high and their uneasy alliance threatening to tear itself apart, Drake’s hastily assembled team travels to Pakistan to intercept Cain.

With the fate of the War on Terror hanging in the balance, loyalties are tested and scores settled, as Drake embarks on the fight of his life. Only one side will survive…

From the bestselling author of Black List and Deception Game, Ghost Target is the sixth Ryan Drake thriller, and an incredible tale of deception, desperation, and ultimate betrayal.

Deception Game

Will Jordan

Time is running out for Ryan Drake. With his enemies moving against him and his allies no longer able to support him, his world is turned upside down by a personal tragedy that forces him to return to the UK.

There, he finds himself presented with an unexpected offer – travel to Libya, kidnap a high-ranking officer in Gaddafi’s much feared intelligence service, and return him to the UK. In exchange, Drake will be given everything his needs to destroy the career of the CIA’s corrupt leader, Marcus Cain.

Distrustful of this uneasy alliance and with no outside support to call on, Drake gathers his small group of trusted team mates and embarks on his most difficult and dangerous mission yet. However, his plans soon unravel, forcing him into a deadly game of cat and mouse against a vengeful British intelligence officer with an unknown agenda.

Set amidst the drifting desert sands of the Sahara and the backdrop of a looming civil war, Drake must confront a web of betrayals, deception, conspiracies, dark secrets lurking within his own family, and the rise of a shadowy new group that threatens to change everything.

Black List

Will Jordan

My name is Alex Yates. And in most ways, I’m just like you. I work a steady job, I drive a sensible car, I pay my taxes and I try to keep myself out of trouble. In most ways, my life is totally boring and predictable. And until a few days ago, nothing of any significance had ever happened to me.

I suppose everyone’s luck runs out sooner or later…

Alex Yates’s life is going nowhere until a meeting with an anonymous client leads to a lucrative but dangerous offer – £100,000 to hack into the Central Intelligence Agency’s computer network and recover a single file known only as the Black List. Despite his misgivings, Alex accepts the offer. Aided by insider knowledge from his mysterious benefactor, Alex apparently succeeds in his task. But before he can take possession of the file, he suddenly finds himself the target of a nationwide manhunt. Someone wants him out of the picture fast.

Now plunged into a deadly race against time to recover the Black List, and hunted by police, intelligence operatives and a ruthless covert unit dispatched to take him down, Alex is left with no choice but to seek help from the dangerous and unpredictable woman who hired him. For in the Black List may lie his salvation, or his death…

‘Black List is bloody brilliant!!!! Everything you could want in a thriller … excellent storytelling ability … full of dynamic and interesting characters with some seriously cunning bad guys … I would highly recommend!’

— Bibliophile Book Club


Will Jordan

Washington DC – December, 2008

With the War on Terror still raging and a new President soon to be sworn in, a Russian delegation travels to CIA headquarters for top-secret negotiations on an alliance against global terrorism. However, before they can reach their destination a sniper attack leaves several of them dead, and their leader kidnapped.

For Ryan Drake, this is just the beginning as the sniper is revealed to be Anya – the rogue former CIA agent he helped rescue from prison nearly two years earlier. Now she has allied herself with an elusive but deadly new terrorist group bent on the utter destruction of the Russian government.

Torn between loyalty to Anya and his duty as a CIA operative, Drake is plunged into a desperate race against time to track down Anya, find out the truth behind her actions, and stop her before she can launch further attacks. But with the CIA unwilling to support him, he is left with no choice but to form a reluctant partnership with the FSB – Russia’s notoriously ruthless intelligence agency now intent on taking revenge for the attack.

His quest for answers will take him from the frozen, polluted nightmare of a Siberian industrial city to the war-ravaged ruins of Chechnya, and finally to the FSB’s seat of power in Moscow itself, where he will uncover a shocking secret that saw hundreds of innocent lives sacrificed in the ruthless pursuit of power.

‘A high-octane and fast-paced tale of derring-do set in the world of elite investigation and black-ops that had me hooked throughout… One of the strongest aspects of this book is Jordan’s grasp of characterisation as Drake is a compelling and empathetic protagonist’

— Raven Crime Reads


Will Jordan

Afghanistan, 2008

A Black Hawk helicopter carrying a senior CIA operative is shot down by a surface-to-air missile, its lone passenger taken hostage by a fanatical insurgent group bent on driving the Coalition from Afghanistan at any cost. It was but one in an escalating series of attacks across the country.

With the world’s economy in free-fall, casualties mounting and public support for the war at an all-time low, the US government is increasingly looking towards private military companies to secure the future of Afghanistan. War has become business, and business is booming.

Desperate to recover their man before he gives up secrets vital to the War on Terror, the CIA call in Ryan Drake and his elite Shepherd team. They are given a simple order – find their missing operative and bring him home.

It sounds like a simple mission. But nothing is what it seems, and within hours of arriving in the war-torn country, Drake and his team find themselves caught in a deadly conflict between a brutal terrorist warlord and the ruthless leader of a private military company. And lurking in the shadows is a woman from Drake’s past determined to take revenge for two decades of betrayal.

Each side is prepared to sacrifice everything to get what they want, and in the burning heat of the Afghan summer, the truth will at last come out. The only question is who will live to see it.

‘The Fife-based Jordan proves he can do it again with this all-action techno thriller complete with dashes of revenge, betrayal and corruption … Written at a breakneck pace, complete with extensive firefights and brutal weaponry, this is a heart-stopper.’

— Daily Mail

‘Detailed and dynamic, Jordan’s novel keeps a focus on the story while maintaining the descriptive accuracy that won his first novel, Redemption, high praise. The pace of the plot isn’t lessened by the meticulous background that is given, meaning even those who had little interest in the factual elements of the war on terror can still enjoy the tale. At 500 pages, this exciting and vivid thriller is a hefty but satisfying read.’

— Dumferline Press

‘Another assured book in this compelling series then, with thrills, spills and skulduggery at the highest levels of the US security departments. Packed with high-octane action scenes and perfectly placed militaristic detail there is much to entertain any reader of this genre. Only question is – what will Ryan Drake become embroiled in next?’

— Raven Crime Reads

‘Sacrifice touches on war and how the pieces of that war can be manipulated for personal gain. It also provides an energetic adventure for battle-hardened operative Drake, a man we’re going to be itching to see more of and it might be a sacrifice worth making.’

— Lloyd Paige Review


Will Jordan

An unmanned Predator drone, part of the United States’ campaign against the ongoing Iraqi insurgency, suddenly goes rogue and launches its missiles into a crowded city street. The group claiming responsibility, led by disgraced CIA agent Dominic Munro, promises further attacks unless the Agency hands over his former mentor, a veteran operative codenamed Maras. With Predator flights grounded worldwide and the US intelligence machine virtually crippled, they have little choice but to comply. The only problem? Maras is locked in a Siberian prison.

Washington DC

Ryan Drake is a man used to finding people who don’t want to be found. Once a British SAS operative, he now works for the Central Intelligence Agency as a ‘Shepherd’ – an elite investigative team formed to locate and bring home lost, kidnapped or rogue agents. Dedicated to the point of obsession, his exploits have won him considerable respect within the Agency. However, his professional successes hide a dark secret centred around a disastrous mission in Afghanistan years earlier. Driven by the demons of his past, he has pushed away most of his friends and family – the only person he still has contact with is his sister back in the UK.

Drake is given a simple order – break into the prison, find Maras and bring her home within 48 hours. If successful, his court martial will be overturned and his reputation restored. If he fails, the Agency will deny all knowledge of his existence. Seizing what may be his last chance at redemption, Drake hastily assembles a Shepherd team and launches his mission, parachuting into the remote Siberian prison where Maras is being held.

Despite grave danger, the team is able to rescue Maras and return her to the United States unharmed. Drake’s part in the story seems to be over, but a chilling phone call from Munro reveals that his sister has been taken hostage. If he ever wants to see her again, he must free Maras and use her to uncover a secret the CIA will do anything to keep hidden, and Munro will do anything to uncover.

Now forced to go on the run with a dangerous woman he doesn’t trust, and pursued by his former comrades, Drake must use every resource at his disposal to stay one step ahead of the hunt. Maras, mentally and physically scarred by years of brutal captivity, and a lifetime of fighting and killing, struggles to adapt to her new-found freedom, leading to friction and conflict with Drake. However, her vast knowledge and experience prove vital to their survival, and gradually she begins to rediscover her humanity, even learning to trust her reluctant companion. Together their journey takes them from the frozen wastes of Siberia to the heart of Washington, and finally to the desert sands of Iraq where old grudges are settled, friendships betrayed, secrets revealed and loyalty tested to breaking point. And at last, a chilling conspiracy is uncovered that could destroy the US intelligence community forever.

‘A Machiavellian world of plot and counterplot.

— Sun

‘Coupled with a double whisky it’s the perfect antidote to Ryanair’

— Sunday Telegraph

‘His book’s a winner … a tense heart-pounder with plenty of detail and pace’

— Weekend Sport

‘This very impressive debut easily earns the much-used term ‘roller-coaster’ – and with good reason. Packed with action, tension, crosses and double-crosses, it doesn’t let up for a moment … Recommended.’

— Shots

‘This book is just fantastic! It kept me up late three nights in a row. I was so engrossed in the story that I was there in the room with the characters, right from the start. If you like your crime fiction to be full of tension and action, then this book is for you’

— EuroCrime