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New Northbank fiction in 2024


From gripping thrillers to moving dramas of family separation, here are our recent and upcoming highlights from Northbank fiction writers.

THE ORDINARY MAN Christie J Newport cover

The second unputdownable Detective Beth Fellows crime thriller from Joffe Books Prize winner Christie J. Newport.

The only thing more terrifying than the killer you know is the killer you don’t. 

He seems like such a nice man. Nothing about him tells you, you should be on your guard.

He’s just… an ordinary man.

Driving an ordinary car.

Telling you to get in.

And he’s the last person you’ll ever see alive.

‘Christie Newport is definitely a star on the rise!’ – Diane Chamberlain, New York Times bestselling author of The Last House on the Street

Chloe Michelle Howarth - Sunburn - Nero Book Awards

Sunburn, the debut novel from Chloe Michelle Howarth, is an astute and tender portrayal of first love, adolescent anxiety and the realities of growing up in a small town where tradition holds people tightly in its grasp.

Shortlisted in the Debut Fiction category for the inaugural Nero Book Awards.

Selected as an Evening Standard ‘One to Watch in 2023’

‘A deeply moving, heartfelt love story’ – Daily Mail

Bridges to Burn by Marion Todd cover

How can DI Clare Mackay uncover the facts if nothing is what it seems?

DI Clare Mackay is called to Albany High, where the body of a girl has been found. A suspected suicide – yet Sophie Bakewell was by all accounts a cheerful, talented student. Could she really have been hiding a darker side?

It’s not the only disturbing case to land on Clare’s desk. Across town, an elderly man is in danger. As Clare and her team face the possibility that anything they believe to be true about the deaths is wrong, they might find that a killer can lurk behind the most innocent of faces…

From Marion Todd, the queen of Tartan Noir, Bridges to Burn is the latest DI Clare Mackay crime thriller.

A Trace of Sun by Pam Williams is an ambitious, immersive novel about identity, family and estrangement – and the very real, lifelong consequences of separation on mental health.

Raef is left behind in Grenada when his mother, Cilla, follows her husband to England in search of a better life. When they are finally reunited seven years later, they are strangers – and the emotional impact of the separation leads to events that rip their family apart. As they try to move forward with their lives, his mother’s secret will make Raef question all he’s ever known of who he is. A Trace of Sun is, in part, inspired by the author’s own family experiences.

GREENER by Grainne Murphy cover

Greener, the new novel from Gráinne Murphy, is an exploration of the changing dynamics of adult friendships and asks whether old friends can ever let us become new people.

As teenagers, Helen, Annie and Laura were inseparable, bonding over family, boys, and their dreams for the future. But when school ended, so did their friendship. Twenty-five years later, a snowstorm forces the three women to spend time together, leaving them wondering if they can reconcile the gap between who they are and who they used to be.

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