Emily Yates

Emily is a presenter for BBC Three and appeared on the BBC New Talent Hot List. In the summer of 2012, she was a Games Maker at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. She was on the train making her way to her first shift when she received a call from the Games media centre, asking if she would be happy to take part in a press conference. She certainly did not expect to be sitting next to Lord Sebastian Coe!

Having answered one question during the conference by saying that she felt the Paralympics were ‘lifting the cloud of limitation’ for those with disabilities, Emily was later requoted in the Paralympic closing ceremony speech by Seb Coe himself.

And that was Emily’s chance to put her love of writing, disability advocacy and travel together.

Emily has since networked her socks off, worked as an accessibility consultant for the Rio metro system for the 2016 Games, written for Lonely Planet and provided freelance training, access reviews and sex and relationship advice. Her documentaries for BBC Three include Meet the Devotees (2016), I’m Different: Let Me Drive (2017) and Heal Me in The Name Of Jesus (2017).