Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall

Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall is a leading historian and author specialising in the forgotten voices of women in the world of secret intelligence. She also writes and speaks on the subjects of dress and disguise and secret gadgetry.

Claire has held lecturing posts in several British universities and is an honorary Associate Professor of Intelligence History at Bishop Grosseteste University, where she worked for nearly 14 years leading the undergraduate Military History programme.

A founding Board member of the Women’s Intelligence Network, Claire is committed to promoting and supporting research on women, and by women, in the field of intelligence. She is a strong supporter of heritage sites and museums devoted to the history of espionage. She is currently a trustee of the Medmenham Collection.

She has appeared as a subject specialist on TV documentaries and radio and has written for popular history magazines. She lives in Lincoln with her husband and family.

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The Real Miss Moneypenny: The Forgotten Women of British Intelligence

Claire Hubbard-Hall

Cover coming soon

Since the inception of the Secret Service Bureau back in 1909, women have worked at the very heart of British secret intelligence – yet their contributions have been all but written out of history. Now, drawing on private and previously-classified documents, leading historian Claire Hubbard-Hall brings their gripping true stories to life.

From encoding orders and decrypting enemy messages to penning propaganda and infiltrating organisations, the women of British intelligence played a pivotal role in both the First and Second World Wars. Prepare to meet the true custodians of Britain’s military secrets, from Kathleen Pettigrew, personal assistant to the Chief of MI6 Stewart Menzies, who late in life declared ‘I was Miss Moneypenny, but with more power’, to Jane Archer, the very first female MI5 officer who raised suspicions about the Soviet spy Kim Philby long before he was officially unmasked and Winifred Spink, the first female officer ever sent to Russia in 1916.

In The Real Miss Moneypenny, Hubbard-Hall rescues these silenced voices and those of many other fascinating women from obscurity to provide a definitive account of women’s contributions to the history of the intelligence services.

The Real Miss Moneypenny will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson on 26th September 2024.