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Young Bloomsbury by Nino Strachey published in paperback today


‘I want to climb inside this book and live there’Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Congratulations to Nino Strachey on the paperback publication of Young Bloomsbury, out today from John Murray Press.

Controversial before the First World War, the Bloomsbury Group became notorious in the 1920s. New members joined their ranks, pushing at gender boundaries, flouting conventions, and spurring their seniors to new heights of creative activity. Bloomsbury had always celebrated sexual equality and freedom in private, but this younger generation brought their transgressive lifestyles out into the open. In Young Bloomsbury, Nino Strachey reveals a vivid history surprisingly relevant to the present day.

Nino Strachey is an author and historian, with a special interest in hidden or underrepresented heritage. Her books Young Bloomsbury and Rooms of their Own shine new light on the queer history of the Bloomsbury Group, revealing changing attitudes towards gender and sexuality in the 1920s. Nino enjoys exploring the relationships between people and place, seeing buildings as biography. She has written a chapter on a 19th century female collector for a book on Jewish Country Houses, and has published articles in Apollo, the Literary Review and Country Life. She loves connecting directly with audiences, and over the last few years has appeared at the Cheltenham, Bath, Edinburgh, Blenheim, Dartington and Charleston Literary Festivals (to name just a few). She has lectured on Bloomsbury in America and Italy, and at museums, universities and historic houses in the UK.

‘A thrilling and new insight into an extraordinary group of people so ahead of their time, they even remain ahead of ours’Phoebe Waller-Bridge

‘Gender fluidity? Pansexuality? Throuples? Chosen families? Cross-dressing? Kinks? Young Bloomsbury explores a place and time when queer life blossomed’Washington Post

‘This witty, fascinating book is a delight. Read it’Miriam Margoyles

‘A brisk, light tonic . . . Joyfully transgressive’Harper’s Magazine

‘A superb, sparky and reflective book charting the doings of the younger members of the artistic and intellectual coterie’The Spectator

Congratulations, Nino.

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