Chloe Howarth

Chloe Michelle Howarth is an Irish writer. She grew up in the West Cork countryside, and the landscapes, culture, and people of rural Ireland have served as an inspiration for her writing.

She first became interested in literature as a teenager, and in 2015, she moved to Dublin to study English, Media, and Cultural Studies in IADT Dun Laoghaire. During her time in college, she developed her love of writing, as well as performing and traveling. Chloe currently lives in Brighton.

Chloe’s novel, Sunburn, was shortlisted for the inaugural Nero Book Awards in the Debut Fiction category, and shortlisted at the British Book Awards in the Discover category.



Chloe Howarth

Sunburn Chloe Howarth awards cover

Shortlisted for the Nero Book Awards and The British Book Awards. 

In the small Irish village of Crossmore in the early 1990s, Lucy feels out of place. She struggles to adhere to the social mores of school, and the traditional path of marriage and children doesn’t appeal to her at all. But from the first game of kiss-chase in the playground, there is a spark between her and her classmate Susannah. The girls grow older and Lucy attempts to hides her infatuation, until one summer, when things escalate.

Lucy must then start to live a double life; a performative life, in which she dates the farmer’s son that everyone assumes she will marry, and one secret life in which she and Susannah are desperately in love.

But whereas Susannah wants the couple to be open about their relationship, Lucy resists. The tension between her two lives grows to a head as the opportunity to leave Crossmore looms, and Lucy is forced to choose between these two lives – each as terrifying as the other.

Sunburn is an astute, evocative portrayal of first love, adolescent anxieties, and the realities of growing up in a small rural town – from the long, hot summers spent drinking in fields, to the pressures of a conservative, traditional community where everyone knows each other’s business – all of which provide a vivid backdrop to Lucy and Susannah’s growing romance.

‘A beautiful coming of age love novel written with an insightful poetical prose, rich with religious allegory and texture which underscores the transformative, spiritual power of first love explored’ 

— Scene Magazine

‘A literary coming-of age that captures the similar minutiae of romance as Normal People, and the gorgeous poetic descriptions of Call Me By Your Name… Whether you’re looking for a great beach read, something for your book club, or a queer romance, Sunburn is a book you need to get on your shelves’

— Turnaround (selected as Book of the Month) 

‘A tender and heartfelt coming-of-age tale.’

— Heat

‘A deeply moving, heartfelt love story’

— Daily Mail

‘Tender and poignant… [Sunburn] is ideal reading for the last month of summer’

— Diva (Book of The Month)