How to Stay Healthy by Jenna Hope published today by Piatkus


Congratulations to Jenna Hope on the publication of her book How to Stay Healthy by Piatkus.

An essential guide to optimising your immunity and feeling your best – all year round

Thousands of us are struck down by colds, flu and other viruses every year. We know we should be taking steps to look after our immune system every day, but beyond taking vitamin C and getting a good night’s sleep it’s often difficult to know where to start.

In How to Stay Healthy, registered nutritionist Jenna Hope provides an easy-to-follow guide that will show you the steps you need to take to optimise your immunity and feel at your best.

Through well-explained science this book will help you to understand what the immune system is, why it is so important and how to keep it functioning well in a way that suits you. It will cover the impact of nutrition, gut health and the role of supplements on your immune system, as well as lifestyle factors including smoking, physical activity, sleep, stress and pollution. Hope’s smart, simple and sustainable approach will show you easy ways to incorporate immunity friendly foods into your diet, quick tips for when you’re feeling run down and guidance to set you on the road to recovery from illness.

Looking after your immune system has never been more important. This book provides the expert advice you need to do just that.

How to Stay Healthy is available now from all good book retailers.