Shelina Janmohamed

Story of Now by Shelina Janmohamed published today by Hachette Children’s


Congratulations to Shelina Janmohamed on the publication of her new book Story of Now, out today from Hachette Children’s and illustrated by Laura Greenan.

Think the British Empire is ancient history? Think again.

It’s time to tell you an unbelievable story. One that spans more than 400 years and influences the world as you know it.

Instead of endless lists of Kings and Queens, battles and dates, this book introduces you to some of the hottest topics, ideas and experiences of real people. You will discover the forces behind the biggest empire of all time and you’ll answer some big questions. Like what does it mean to be British? What do people believe in? What makes us the country we are and why? Big questions, so how do we find the answers?

Let’s start by hearing from real children all over the world. Children who may have lived at different times, had different experiences, skin colours and religions but they have one thing in common – the British Empire. Discover how the British Empire impacted countries and communities across the world and, most importantly, discover its impact on children like you!

‘Anyone who thinks the past is too difficult to discuss with children underestimates our smart insightful kids and the importance of being honest. I want to speak directly to children, through the stories of children, in a way that connects to every child.

‘I hope every child, family and school will have this book, not just because the British Empire still shapes our world today, but because it gives children at a formative stage in their lives a framework to understand and shape who they want to be and their place in the world.’ – Shelina Janmohamed