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Sophy Robson (also known as So FLY) is a London-based graffiti artist known for her impactful murals which carry a strong message of empowerment in a bold and feminine style.

Following years working in luxury fashion as a celebrity nail artist, Sophy decided to build her business as a graffiti artist. Between organising events for International Women’s Day and running a popular live graffiti workshop at the iconic Leake Street Arches, Sophy has established herself as a force to be reckoned in a traditionally male-dominated graffiti landscape.

Sophy’s letter-based artwork is designed to make people feel good about themselves through bright colours and relatable imagery, whilst also challenging the inequalities in society with feelings of anxiety towards the current global climate emergency and the patriarchal structures. Sophy chooses to paint positive messages in public environments and by using popular cultural references throughout her work, she breaks down barriers between art and audience, which is an act of activism in itself.

Particularly in her workshops, Sophy aims to empower and encourage young women into the graffiti world by giving them a platform to express themselves and is she passionate about working with social organisations to make it an inclusive activity for all. She regularly partners with corporations to provide fun and creative workshops for their staff.

Sophy’s unique style has attracted many commercial opportunities, including commissions for Pandora at their 2021 Pandora Me event in London’s Waterloo. She has painted a 16m graffiti installation at the OXO Tower restaurant on the South Bank and a 20ft high building at Thorpe Park resort, amongst other commercial and community commissions. Sophy still remains interested in the world of fashion and has recently partnered with luxury behemoth Harrods by providing a customisation pop up service in their technology department.

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