Ruth Alderton

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Ruth Alderton is Essex based illustrator whose ultra-feminine quirky style comes from years of inspiration from fashion, feminism, and popular culture.

Since completing her BA in Illustration from the University of Portsmouth, Ruth has gone to launch Ruthdraws, producing a variety of prints and merchandise for custom commissions and brand partnerships alike.

In March 2021 she was commissioned by The PONToon Project and Aspex Portsmouth to create the illustrations to be displayed on the homepage of their latest online exhibition.

Growing up surrounded by strong, independent women, Ruth has found constant support, empowerment and inspiration from feminism. Other sources of inspiration are found from fashion and popular culture. Her quirky style is ultra-feminine meets ‘new age’ Pop Art, with a soft pastel colour scheme, contrasting thick black lines and a funny satirical edge.

Sprinkled in with fun, humour, and a liberal amount of attitude and sass, Ruthdraws commissioned artwork will bring out and celebrate your inner girl power.

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