Lora Davies

Lora studied English at the University of Hull before training as an actor at East 15. After working as an actor and director for companies including English Touring Theatre, The Orange Tree and Theatr Clwyd, Lora rediscovered her passion for writing on a course at her local bookshop. She graduated last year from Royal Holloway, University of London with a Masters in Creative Writing.

Her debut historical novel Daughter of the Shipwreck was published in 2021.


The Widow's Last Secret

Lora Davies

Victorian England, 1846: A gripping and powerful story about one woman’s incredible courage in the face of heartbreak, and a secret that – if revealed – could destroy everything.

Six years ago, Bella Farrow lost everything. Desperate and starving, she made a terrible mistake that forced her to abandon her home, her livelihood and her family. And when the only person she trusted – her beloved, steadfast husband – was killed in a tragic accident, Bella was left alone. She had to make her own way, while keeping her past hidden upon risk of imprisonment, or worse…

Now Bella is living a quiet life under a secret identity and making a good, honest living. But then a young, handsome man named James Earlham comes to town, and everything changes. Their instant connection disturbs her heart, her peace and her safety. Because Bella knows that for their love to flourish, she will have to reveal the secret that has remained hidden all these years – and put her trust in James.

Bella’s heart tells her to confess everything. But can she be sure James is really who he says he is? Can Bella truly be herself with him? Or is she putting her life in the hands of the one person who could betray her?

The Widow’s Last Secret was published by Bookouture in January 2022.

Daughter of the Shipwreck

Lora Davies

It’s 1820 and nineteen-year-old Mercy arrives in London. Orphaned as a child, she has come to live with the well-to-do Dr Stephens and his wife, Catherine, a passionate campaigner for the abolition of slavery. Mercy has never questioned her background, but the exhibition of Gericault’s The Raft of the Medusa brings confusing memories to the surface: the creaking of wood and the splash of sea-spray.

Meanwhile, Mat, a young black sailor has arrived in the city. Having been separated from his little sister fifteen years ago when they were both sold into slavery, Mat now has one mission in mind: to find the men responsible, and to take his revenge. When he discovers that his sister is still alive and living in London he is overjoyed but he soon realises that she could be in grave danger.

As dark clouds gather, the siblings must discover the truth about Mercy’s past, and find a way back to each other, before it’s too late.

Daughter of the Shipwreck was published by Bookouture in Summer 2021.