Alexis Caught

Alexis Caught is an award-winning podcaster, writer, speaker, model and rugby player. His areas of passion and expertise are mental health and wellness, the millennial struggle, and the queer community.

As a writer, he has had viral hits for Attitude magazine and the Mirror, while also being a featured author in the best-selling mental health book It’s Not Okay To Feel Blue, with his essay The Thread Of Sadness already being used by schools to educate on homophobia and mental health.

His podcast series, Qmmunity, a long form documentary series that explores queer topics in depth, won silver at the National Podcast awards 2019. Not only is it the UK’s leading queer documentary podcast series, but also enjoys a high international listenership. His speaking positions have varied from the highly academic, such as Harvard Law School, to corporate days and community lead panel events for organisations and charities.

Alexis also plays for The Kings Cross Steelers, the world’s oldest Gay & Inclusive rugby club, founded 24 years ago, who recently won England Rugby Union’s highest honour – Team Of The Year – in recognition of their undefeated playing season and their continual work to combat homophobia in sport. For the last five years, he has been a volunteer for a charity that offers respite care and outdoor activities for young people with additional needs.

An “ethical digital influencer”, he uses his platform to engage in conversations about mental health and wellbeing, LGBTQ+ rights, and politics – which led to him advising the emergency response line charity Shout! on how they can better support queer people with their services. He was the first queer brand ambassador for ASOS, and has been the face of GlamGlow, Ugg and Remmington.


Queer Up

Alexis Caught

A positive and uplifting book for young people who are queer or questioning – and their allies looking to support them.


In this empowering and uplifting book, award-winning podcaster Alexis Caught sets out to help queer and questioning teenagers explore their LGBTQ+ identity and understanding. Alongside the author’s personal experiences are first-hand stories from notable LGBTQ+ figures, providing an inclusive account of what it means to grow up queer. With chapters on questioning, coming out, friends and family, love and relationships, sex, shame, pride, being transgender and/or non-binary and allyship, this helpful, honest and heart-warming book is essential reading for any queer or questioning teen and their allies looking to support them.

Queer Up was published by Walker Books in January 2022.