Klaire de Lys

Writing has been a source of endless enjoyment for Klaire de Lys for as long as she can remember. With a slightly macabre sense of humour and a wildly overactive imagination, there wasn’t much of a choice on the matter.

Klaire’s first series, Outsider, follows the life of Astrid, an infamous half-elf half-dwarf guide, renowned for her hatred of the elves and dwarves. Against all her better judgement, she decides to break her oldest rule, and help a dwarf and his adopted son through the treacherous world of Ammasteinn.

When she’s not writing Klaire likes to compose music, draw new illustrations for the world of Ammasteinn and work on new special effects makeup tutorials.



Klaire de Lys

Book Two in the Outsider Series.

When Astrid first agreed to guide Jarl Vorn and his adopted son Knud to Logberg, she never imagined she would fall in love along the way. Now – for the very first time – she begins to dream of the possibility of a peaceful life.

But as they travel closer to Logberg, Astrid cannot shake the fear that the dwarf queen Vígdís – the only person who can possibly save Jarl’s home city of Bajartree – could be the very woman to deny her the happiness she craves.


Klaire de Lys

Famed in the human lands for her skill as a guide, reclusive half-blood Astrid has one rule: Humans only. But when dwarf Jarl Vorn and his young son approach her to guide them across Ammastein to the dwarf city of Logburg, Astrid is persuaded to make an exception.

An exception which could cost Jarl – and Astrid – everything.