Jonathan Levi & Emma French

Jonathan Levi & Emma French

Jonathan Levi is a successful television executive and BAFTA-nominated documentary film maker.

Attracted to the extremes in society, he was the first person to gain full access to the patients and staff at Broadmoor high-security hospital for a highly acclaimed primetime ITV series which offered startling insights into the minds of some of Britain’s most notorious mental health patients.

When TV star and recording artist Tulisa was entrapped by the Sun on Sunday she turned to Jonathan to author and tell her story for BBC1 in the ratings hit Tulisa: The Price of Fame.

Jonathan has made programmes with Andrew Lloyd Webber about his art collection and his musicals, has hosted fundraisers with The Old Vic, and produced Hatton Garden for ITV with Oscar nominated writer and producer Jeff Pope.

Dr Emma French writes about how particular people, places and stories hit the headlines and capture the public imagination. She lives in London with Jonathan and their three children.


Inside Wakefield Prison

Jonathan Levi & Emma French

Inside HMP Wakefield Jonathan Levi Emma French

HMP Wakefield. ‘Monster Mansion’. Hell to be inside. Almost impossible to escape.

This prison has seen some of the most infamous prisoners of all time pass through its cells – from Levi Bellfield to Harold Shipman, Ian Huntley and Charles Bronson.

Jonathan Levi and Emma French are the perfect authors to give chilling insight into all the terrible men who have served time there. After detailing the shocking truth of life in Britain’s most high-profile psychiatric hospital in their bestselling book Inside Broadmoor, now they will take readers behind bars in this the UK’s most notorious prison.

Inside Wakefield Prison will trace its long and intriguing history, from when it was first built in 1594 all the way up to the present day. Today, just over 750 of the country’s most dangerous offenders are kept there, including ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ Robert Maudsley, notorious killer Jeremy Bamber and former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins.

Featuring all the sinister and truly horrifying stories that have emerged from the prison, as well as new unheard tales, this book will fascinate and shock readers on every page. Told with the help of interviews with staff, experts – and even in the words of the prisoners themselves – this is a no-holds-barred journey into the dark.

Bodyguard: The Real Story

Jonathan Levi and Emma French

Bodyguard The Real Story Cover

Inside the secretive world of armed police and close protection. Explosive, gripping and untold… This is bodyguarding revealed. 

Bestselling authors Jonathan Levi and Emma French use their unrivalled access to the secret world of police protection officers as they tell the dramatic and astonishing stories of bravery, and the decisions that can change lives in a heartbeat.

With the constant threats now posed by gangs, drugs turf wars and terrorism, the world of police protection has changed almost beyond recognition. But the story of these incredible officers is also the story of Britain’s most dramatic and traumatic news events. In Bodyguard: The Real Storywe meet individuals with first-hand recollection of these indelible events with powerful stories to tell.

Bodyguard: The Real Story is published by John Blake, an imprint of Bonnier. A Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller

Inside Broadmoor

Jonathan Levi and Emma French

A gripping account of life inside Britain’s highest security hospital, this is the full story of Broadmoor – past, present and future – as told by a selection of staff and patients themselves.

Since opening as an asylum for the criminally insane in 1863, it has housed the perpetrators of many of the most shocking and appalling crimes in history.

The truth about what goes on behind the Victorian walls of the high-security hospital has largely remained a mystery, but now with unprecedented access, Executive Producer Jonathan Levi and cultural historian Emma French paint a picture of life in Broadmoor, after spending nearly a decade observing and speaking to those on the inside. Based on their experiences as well as interviews with the staff that work there including nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, security guards – and the patients themselves, Inside Broadmoor is the most comprehensive study of the institution to-date.

Inside Broadmoor: Up close and personal with Britain’s most dangerous criminals is published by Bonnier.

Hatton Garden: The Inside Story

Jonathan Levi

Hatton Garden… straight from the horse’s mouth.

For this team of old-school career criminals, the Hatton Garden heist was supposed to be one last job, the fortune that would sort their retirement for good. The plan was to smash in and grab tens of millions of pounds from beneath the world-famous gold-and-jewellery district, and get away to live in luxury.

But somewhere it all went wrong.

Now, for the first time ever, we hear what happened from the gang behind bars.

Based on exclusive interviews and featuring shocking revelations from their associates, this explosive and gripping read includes fresh information on the whereabouts of the mysterious robber ‘Basil’, and evidence from unheard sources.

This is the full story of one of the most audacious crimes in British history.