Hannah King

Hannah King (Freya Niamh Design), is a full-time illustrator based near York in North Yorkshire.

Having completed her art foundation at Falmouth University, Hannah then went on to study interior design at Northumbria university to fine-tune her design skills. For her final major project, she decided to create an adult playground and up-cycling workshop in an old biscuit factory in Newcastle with the ambition to tackle three main issues:

1) De-stressing adults in a fun and healthy way through games, socialising, ball-pits, hanging soundproof pods, and slides.

2) Teaching practical skills to people looking for work with an up-cycling workshop and a computer lab to teach computer skills (primarily in the marketing and selling of their up-cycled goods).

3) Helping to reduce waste by providing a drop-off point for people’s unwanted furniture, to be up-cycled and sold by the members.

Creating beauty and fun has always been something Hannah values highly when designing new pieces of work, for viewers to escape their sometimes mundane realities.

While at university, Hannah worked part-time at a local interior design company where she picked up her business and interpersonal skills. Illustration, however, has always been at the heart of her skillset, so after graduating in 2017, she became a freelance illustrator working for a variety of businesses from a wine company based in London, to a local lingerie shop in Leeds. Hannah set up her business, Freya Niamh Design, in October 2017, illustrating bespoke wall art and wedding stationery.

During the pandemic, her style evolved radically moving from a more muted colour palette to a bold and uplifting aesthetic, a natural evolution as her intentions moved from creating purely trending artworks to providing some positivity and light to the world for her audience to escape into. Especially at a time when people couldn’t travel or leave their homes, travel prints seemed like a great source of inspiration and proved to be a great hit. This period also gave her time to really develop her work and fine-tune her signature drawing style, she went from illustrating primarily with fine liner pens to using a drawing tablet. Something she continues to work on to this day due to its efficiency and advantages to her workflow.

She has vast experience designing greetings cards, art prints, wrapping paper, jigsaws, crockery, t-shirts, and seasonal phone cases, but also works to a brief and delivers outstanding work to her clients.

Hannah now runs her illustration and home décor brand full-time amassing an audience of over 19,000 like-minded creatives and clients on social media.