Stripped Media

Stripped Media was founded by Tom, Dave and Kobi. They started working together on the podcast The Wire: Stripped and realised that there would be an interesting opportunity to apply the same formula to other areas of pop culture. They formed Stripped Media with the aim of producing and facilitating other podcasters to make their own shows.

Tom Whalley is The Wire: Stripped’s producer, and like Kobi and Dave, he is prolific in the podcast game. After taking a break for over 10 years at the end of the Not In Nottingham podcast, he’s now one of the producers of The Cycling Podcast, as well as being the sole producer of Bespoke Weekly and The MMA Show for the BBC. Some of you may also know him as “T-Bone”, that is if you ever listen to The Huey Show on BBC 6Music, which he’s produced for the last 6 years or so.

Dave Corkery hosts award winning podcast The Cinemile with his wife Cathy, as well as Spotify Original podcast His Darker Materials, the unofficial accompaniment to the highly anticipated BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

Kobi Omenaka hosts The Wire Stripped podcast, as well as Flixwatcher, a Netflix Film Club Podcast. He is also a Digital Marketer at Kobestarr Digital.