Ova Ceren

Ova Ceren excusemyreading

Ova Ceren is a creative spirit nestled in the heart of Cambridge, sharing the magic of books and cottagecore across her highly popular social media channels excusemyreading.

With a passion for cosy living, Ova has cultivated a unique space on Instagram and Tiktok that radiates positivity and the simple joys of everyday life, delving deeper into the art of living beautifully and mindfully amidst the chaos of the modern world.

Her platform is a picturesque collage of bookshelves, interior décor, whimsical garden escapes, and literary journeys.

Ova cherishes her bond with followers, creating a community with shared stories and cosy moments. She’s also a writer, currently working on her debut novel, crafting worlds that resonate with the things she enjoys sharing most.