Bianca Gillam

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Bianca Gillam was previously an Assistant Editor at a major publishing house. Her highest honour to date is being called a ‘wretched romantic’ by a university lecturer at university. She is an avid writer of poetry, which has been published in a variety of publications, and due to a lifelong interest in asking people how they met their partner has amassed an impressive collection of ‘meet-cutes’. She was inspired by the brilliant books she’s published to write her own.

Her debut novel, Bad Publicity, was acquired by Bloomsbury in a major deal and will be published in the UK in January 2025. In North America, it will be published by Pamela Dorman Books (Viking).

Author photo: Robin Christian


Bad Publicity

Bianca Gillam

BAD PUBLICITY Bianca Gillam cover

Yesterday they were just exes. Today they’re a writer and a publicist… on tour in Europe… for a month.

When Andie lands her dream job as a senior book publicist, she’s ready to take the world of New York publishing by storm.

Until her first day, when she discovers that her biggest author is Jack Carlson – the same Jack who ruined her life in university. Who she hasn’t spoken to in five years. Who is not only still infuriatingly hot but incredibly successful. And whose campaign she definitely cannot mess up, if she wants to keep her job.

To make matters even worse, the central part of this career-defining campaign is a book tour. For a month, Andie will have to travel across Europe with the man who, if she were being totally honest, she’d like to hit with her car.

But she will not lose this opportunity, especially not because of him. One month on tour with Jack Carlson, visiting some of the most romantic spots in Europe. Deep breath. She can do this.