Farah Cook

Farah Cook is a Danish writer of Pakistani descent. She grew up in Copenhagen with a creative and explorative childhood spent mostly outdoors. At the age of twelve, she began writing several short stories to fuel her passion for storytelling. Later, Farah graduated with a BA in Social Science from Sweden, an MA in Arts from London and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Surrey. Farah has lived in many countries, including Germany and New Zealand, but settled in London where she worked as a Marketing Manager for a large financial conglomerate. Her passion for storytelling remained, and at night she started to write all the things she’d imagine.

An alumna of the Faber Academy in London, Farah now lives in Bad Homburg, just outside Frankfurt, with her husband and two sons. She speaks six languages fluently including Danish, Swedish and German, and writes full-time.


Care For Me

Farah Cook

When Afrah arrives at Ravenswood Lodge Care Home for the first time, she feels far from home. Her daughter, Amira, didn’t want to send her away from the comfort and familiarity of her surroundings but she’s struggling to cope.

Ravenswood Lodge was meant to be a safe space for Afrah. But when her belongings start vanishing, her family photographs, her jewellery, her pill boxes, Amira and the staff say it’s just Afrah’s imagination, it’s just her failing memory. But Afrah is adamant someone is playing games with her. She knows Ravenswood Lodge isn’t safe for her. Someone wants her gone.

At home, Amira is looking through her mother’s belongings, tidying things away, bringing order to her house. Until she stumbles upon some strange newspaper clippings, stories her mother has become fixated on. Is it just a coincidence, or could her mother be telling the truth about Ravenswood Lodge? Does someone want revenge?