Elizabeth Ogabi

Elizabeth is an entrepreneur, communications consultant, speaker and educator, who has worked across various industries and two continents over the last 12 years.

She started her career in communications at Unilever where she learnt the fundamentals of PR and corporate communications; went on to manage branding and communications for a global investment bank and most recently worked as the Director of Communications at global advertising agency Ogilvy. At Ogilvy she also sat on the Inclusion Board and was Vice Chair of Ogilvy Equals, the network focused on driving gender equality within the agency and beyond.

In 2016 she founded For Working Ladies, a digital media platform focused on equipping women with the information and tools they need to start a successful business. Most recently, she co-founded Leicour.com, a private membership network focused on accelerating women within organisations into leadership roles. Whether it’s starting a side hustle, breaking through the corporate glass ceiling or pursuing full-time entrepreneurship, her ultimate goal is focused on the advancement and economic empowerment of women.

She is also the host of How I Made It Happen, a podcast focused on sharing advice from women who are entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. In 2021 she published her debut book Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business.

Elizabeth has been recognised for her work by Forbes, The Dots, and other notable publications.

In 2019 she was named one of the UK Ambassadors of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, which was established by the UN. She has also been recognised by The Dots as a Rising Star Inspiring Change in both 2020 and 2021.

Image credit: Shope Delano


Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business

Elizabeth Ogabi

A practical, accessible guide to starting a side hustle to help you avoid wasting your time, money and efforts.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there about starting a side hustle? Do you have a great business idea but no clue where to start? Are you looking for advice to help you build the portfolio career of your dreams?

Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business is a handbook packed full of inspiration, no-nonsense advice and fresh ideas to help you feel empowered and excited about your future business idea. It also includes case studies from founders who have built their own businesses and thrived.

In this book, Elizabeth Ogabi shares her experience on everything you to need to know about starting a side hustle – from how to validate your idea and get your first few customers to strategies for marketing yourself and your new business. It is an essential tool for your side hustle success.

Side Hustle in Progress was published by HarperCollins in 2021.