Chris Grant

Chis Grant

Chris Grant OBE is one of the UK’s leading facilitators of organisational change.

Chris has been CEO of a successful UK-wide charity (Sported); chaired one of the UK’s biggest ever public-facing behaviour-change programmes (the introduction of Chip & PIN); tutored multiple medal-winning coaches in the Olympic and Paralympic sports, and worked as a consultant on leadership, strategy and change across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Recently appointed Chair of the British Basketball Federation, he also led English Professional Football’s Integrated Coaching Board, and from 2015 to 2021 he chaired the judging of the Sport Industry Awards.

Chris has delivered well-received keynotes at events ranging from the World Cities Forum to the NHS Medical Directors’ Conference. His exceptional ability and willingness to take a brief, do background research and to read the room ensure high levels of relevance and engagement. His contributions often include interactive elements, and his goal is always that those listening will feel like active participants in a conversation, rather than a passive audience.

Beneficiaries of Chris’s facilitation and group leadership workshops have included senior leaders from financial services, retail, healthcare and sport. The title for this body of work  – MeWe – was borrowed from Muhammad Ali, with whom Chris shared a stage just before the opening ceremony of London 2012.

Chris served two terms as an Independent Board Member of Sport England, where he focused on widening participation in sport and activity for all. He remains a driving force in initiatives aiming for national teams and leaders in sport to reflect the broader population. He was a member of the Commission on the Future of Women’s Sport and Deputy Chair of International Inspiration, the ground-breaking London 2012 International Development Programme.

Chris has an MSc. in People Development and Organisational Culture, but often says that his first degree in French Studies and other experiences, in roles ranging from Saturday jobs in retail to Sabbatical General Secretary of Manchester University Union, have contributed just as much to his own learning. His book Better Decisions was published by Quarto, and he has been heard and seen on a number of podcasts and news programmes, including BBC Radio’s Today.

In the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours, Chris was awarded an OBE for services to sport.


Better Decisions

Chris Grant

Our decisions shape our lives. Whether at home or at work, with others or alone, our capacity to read what’s going on inside and around us, and to choose what to do next can make or break a campaign, a business, a relationship or even a family holiday.

With so much going on above and below the surface, how can we decide what to say and how to act in order to steer things in the right direction? Through 20 accessible lessons, Better Decisions will take you from theory and frameworks which deepen your understanding, to real-life applications that are specific to you. The practical exercises will help you to understand your own decision-making habits, and give you new tools and techniques to enable you to judge the best way forward and take the next step.

Better Decisions was published by Quarto in June 2020.