Chireal Shallow

Chireal Shallow is a qualified HCPC registered practitioner psychologist and accredited CBT psychotherapist, working both privately and for the NHS.

Chireal has brought together her knowledge, skills and expertise to devise the only national qualification for sleep consultants in the country.

This accredited training course teaches practitioners the gentle sleep system method, making her clinic a centre of excellence for parental empowerment and professional education.

Her sleep clinic, established in 2004, was the first to offer an alternative to the controlled crying method and it began training health visitors across the UK in sleep consultancy in 2010. The techniques she established are so successful that her expertise in handling children’s sleep and behavioural problems is sought right across Europe.

Chireal is the sleep expert for Mother & Baby magazine and sleep advisor to Best Bear Childcare. She is also a member of the British Sleep Society, The Primary Care Sleep Group and The British Psychological Society. She blogs regularly for the Huffington Post, and has appeared widely on TV, radio and in print. She lives and works in Surrey and runs the websites Naturally Nurturing and the Baby Sleep Clinic.

Chireal’s extraordinary career has allowed her to work with high-profile clients and major corporate companies, such as Sainsbury’s and Disney. She has appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio, GMTV, Sky News and Channel 4.

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The Gentle Sleep Solution

Chireal Shallow

The Gentle Sleep Solution shows you the powerful yet gentle way to help your baby enjoy a good night’s sleep. Drawing on CBT and mindfulness, it moves away from outdated approaches to ensure that your child feels comforted, reassured and loved as they drift off to sleep.

This supportive guide, written by psychologist and CBT psychotherapist Chireal Shallow, teaches parents how to become experts in resolving their child’s sleep problems. You’ll first learn how to identify the underlying reason for your child’s troubled sleeping by reading their behaviour, then apply new techniques for communicating and responding to reduce their anxiety and allow them to fall asleep independently. Offering an alternative to controlled crying, this approach gives your family a calm, happy and gentle bedtime.

Positive, uplifting and nurturing, The Gentle Sleep Solution will give you and your baby the confidence you need to sleep soundly.