Carole Walker

Carole Walker is a high-profile journalist and presenter with an inside knowledge of politics, excellent contacts and a keen understanding of policies and legislation. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a BBC Political Correspondent, and now presents the late show on Times Radio, including the nightly paper review.

After leaving the BBC, Carole has appeared on CNN, Sky News, Talk Radio, RTE and other broadcasters. She has been a frequent presenter on the BBC News Channel and regional BBC programmes and writes for The Times Red Box and the CNN website. She also launched her own podcast The View from Here, reflecting politics outside the Westminster bubble, focusing on the concerns of people in rural communities and small towns. Carole has also presented discussion programmes including Dateline on BBC News and the Westminster Hour on BBC Radio 4.

With a career in news spanning more than 30 years, Carole has covered some of the biggest political stories in recent history, including six general elections, the EU referendum, the rise and fall of Conservative, Labour and coalition governments, resignations, rows and parliamentary debates.  She has travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan with Prime Ministers and reported on international summits.  Earlier in her career, she reported on the first Gulf War, revolution in Moscow, the break-up of the Soviet Union, civil war in the Balkans and conflict in Somalia.


Lobby Life

Carole Walker

Step into the closed corridors of Westminster with a journalist at the heart of the political establishment for more than two decades. Welcome to the secretive world of the Lobby.

Lobby Life lifts the lid on the secretive world of the parliamentary Lobby, from its conception to the present day, revealing what really happens behind the closed doors of power. Through the rise and fall of successive governments – via war, industrial strife and scandal, the financial crash, Brexit and a global pandemic – we witness the rows and resignations, the drama and debate.

Asking urgent questions about the role of the media today, when politicians can engage directly with voters online, bypassing journalists and accountability, Lobby Life will intrigue anyone who wants to understand modern politics.

‘Lobby journalists are the media’s elite commandos. Carole Walker astutely captures their code of honour and critical place in the informed reporting of our politics.’

— - Sir Alan Duncan, author of In the Thick of It: The Private Diaries of a Minister

‘Gripping, enjoyable and accessible.’

— - Sir Anthony Seldon

‘Doesn’t only lift the lid on the way our press functions in Westminster, it also does a wonderful job of explaining how the relationship between the Lobby and political parties has shaped the country over the past century.’

— - Marie Le Conte, author of Haven't You Heard: Gossip, Politics and Power