Alexandra Fryer and Amy Forbes-Robertson

Alexandra Fryer and Amy Forbes-Robertson are the founders of It Happens, which delivers sex and relationships education to students, and their parents and teachers, in over 200 primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Alex and Amy’s sessions are straight-talking, open and honest, with a focus on healthy relationships and positive sex education. Whether it’s puberty or pornography, sexting or STIs, contraception or consent, festivals or freshers week that young people are worried about, Amy and Alex take the awkwardness out of these sensitive topics so that young people really hear them and feel able to ask the many questions they have, in a safe space. They encourage young people to seek out accurate information, make informed choices, be critical thinkers, be brave, and ask for help. They are also core members of the Sex Education Forum and served as consultants on the Channel 4 show Let’s Talk About Sex.



Brilliant Questions About Growing Up: a modern guide to bodies, babies and boundaries

Alex Fryer and Amy Forbes-Robertson

Brilliant Questions About Growing Up provides young people, educators and parents with an invaluable, honest and inclusive toolkit for conversations about growing up today.

Amy and Alex have delivered healthy relationships and positive sex education lessons to thousands of students and have collected the questions asked by the children they have met. They’ve created a big book of answers, alongside clear factual introductions and vibrant colour illustrations, to help support conversations about sex, pregnancy sexuality, relationships, gender, consent, emotions, friendship, being online, puberty and more. This book takes a modern, inclusive and non-judgemental approach to all of those insightful, curious and funny questions in a way that facilitates honest and comfortable conversations with children of all ages.

Brilliant Questions About Growing Up was published by Puffin in August 2020.