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The Concert Hall Killer by Jonathan Whitelaw published today by HarperNorth


Jonathan Whitelaw Concert Hall Killer copies

Congratulations to Jonathan Whitelaw on the publication of The Concert Hall Killer, out today from HarperNorth, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Lights, camera, murder

In the Lake District, someone’s laying on a deadly welcome… 

The cast and crew of a popular TV crime drama are shooting in the Lake District – but behind the scenes, relationships are as tense as on-screen. The director’s reputation proceeds him, the two lead stars are feuding and rumours swirl. 

Meanwhile the locals are enjoying the filming – Amita Kahtri and her friends from Penrith Bingo Club are becoming social media stars with their behind the scenes pictures from filming – although her son-in-law, Jason is taking it all with a pinch of salt. 

But when on-screen slaughter gets swapped for real-life murder at the concert hall where the TV drama is based, and the genuine police are as baffled as the TV detectives, it falls to the locals to search for the truth. It seems like a taste of fame can be deadly – but what happens when a killer’s plots are wilder than anything the writers can dream up? 

Praise for The Concert Hall Killer

‘Absolutely delightful! A twisting tale of page-turning escapism. A masterclass in cosy crime!’ – Janice Hallett

‘Whip-smart and fun! Cosy crime at its very best.’ – Victoria Dowd

‘Great characters and cracking dialogue, a pacy, really enjoyable story.’ – Ian Moore 

‘A witty, twisty, and surprisingly glamorous murder mystery. What a treat!’ – Antony Johnston

‘Amita Khatri, the woman who does for sparkly leisurewear what Miss Marple does for tweed, is back. Whitelaw’s stories have a sparkle all their own.’ – JM Hall

The Concert Hall Killer is available now from all good book retailers

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