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The Ordinary Man by Christie J. Newport published today by Joffe Books


The Ordinary Man Christie J Newport

Congratulations to Christie J Newport on the publication of The Ordinary Man by Joffe Books.

He seems like such a nice man. Nothing about him tells you to be on your guard.

He’s just… an ordinary man.

Driving an ordinary car.

Telling you to get in.

And he’s the last person to ever see you alive.

The body of a young woman is found brutally murdered. Now two more women are missing. Detective Beth Fellows is in a race against time to track down one of the most fiendish killers she’s ever faced.

About the Detective

Meet Beth Fellows, a Preston detective haunted by her mum’s murder when she was only four. She’s a driven woman with a heart of gold. Beth is no stranger to violent death. When she was four, she witnessed her mum’s murder. The killer was never caught and that injustice is what propelled her to join the police. Now everyone Beth loves is placed in the firing line as she goes head-to-head with a ruthless killer.

About the Setting 

Nestled on the banks of the River Ribble, Preston has faced its challenges but is once again a thriving Northern city, with a vibrant multicultural population. It is a beautiful place but there are dark alleys where the worst human impulses go unchecked.

Praise for Christie J. Newport: 

‘Gripping, twisty, rapid-fire’ – Diane Chamberlain, New York Times bestselling author of The Last House on the Street

‘A pacy cracker of a crime thriller from one heck of a talent!’ – A.A. Chaudhuri, author of The Abduction

‘Gut-wrenching and compelling’ – Awais Khan, author of No Honour

The Ordinary Man by Christie J. Newport is out now.


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