Duncan Mavin

Sixty-Six Media & Shadowfox Productions option Pyramid of Lies by Duncan Mavin


Pyramid of Lies - Duncan Mavin

We’re excited to announce that Sixty-Six Media’s Jill Offman and Shadowfox Productions’ Scott Delman (HBO’s Station Eleven) have optioned dramatic rights in Duncan Mavin‘s Pyramid of Lies from Northbank Talent Management.

Pyramid of Lies: The Prime Minister, the Banker and the Billion Pound Scandal, published by Pan Macmillan, is an epic true story of ambition, greed and hubris that nearly brought down the British government.

In March 2021, an obscure financial technology company called Greensill Capital collapsed, going into administration. As it unravelled, a multibillion-dollar scandal emerged that would shake the very foundations of the British political system, drawing in Swiss bankers, global CEOs, and world leaders, including former British Prime Minister David Cameron. At the centre was an Australian financier named Lex Greensill.

Mavin’s reporting on the case for the Wall Street Journal helped expose the company. He is working closely on the adaptation, which has recently brought on writer Richard Cottan (Wallander, Hancock and Joan, Margaret).

Jill Offman, Managing Director of Sixty-Six Media, described the vision for the drama as ‘part political drama, part human story… A story of an outsider trying to break into Britain’s social, political and financial elites – with astonishing results. A thriller that exposes the corruption and greed we sense is simmering below the surface but cannot see, which Duncan has made visible through his rigorous reporting. Then there’s the question of the revolving door between government and business and the mechanics of it. With Rick Cottan’s superb storytelling skills to bring it to life, I have no doubt Pyramid of Lies will be compelling onscreen.’