Radzi Chinyanganya

Radzi’s Incredible Facts by Radzi Chinyanganya published today by DK


Congratulations to Radzi Chinyanganya on the publication of Radzi’s Incredible Facts by Dorling Kindersley.

A book for curious kids filled with unforgettable facts, from the brilliant to the bizarre!

What’s the furthest distance ever run without stopping? Which language has the most words? How many times do we blink each day, year, or in an entire lifetime? How deep is the deepest hole that’s ever been dug? How hot are the world’s hottest chillies? Do you know the answers? If not, then this fact book is for you.

This fun and educational book for children aged 5 to 9 is packed with quirky questions and answers about every topic you can possibly think of. Learn about feminism, ears, pirates, and even belly buttons, Radzi’s Incredible Facts will have curious minds hooked. No question is too random for Radzi!

Radzi’s Incredible Facts is available now from all good book retailers.