Jonathan Levi

Bodyguard: The Real Story by Jonathan Levi & Emma French published today by John Blake


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Congratulations to Jonathan Levi and Emma French on the publication of their new book. Bodyguard: The Real Story is published by John Blake, an imprint of Bonnier.

Inside the secretive world of armed police and close protection. Explosive, gripping and untold… This is bodyguarding revealed. 

Bestselling authors Jonathan Levi and Emma French use their unrivalled access to the secret world of police protection officers as they tell the dramatic and astonishing stories of bravery, and the decisions that can change lives in a heartbeat.

With the constant threats now posed by gangs, drugs turf wars and terrorism, the world of police protection has changed almost beyond recognition. But the story of these incredible officers is also the story of Britain’s most dramatic and traumatic news events. In Bodyguard: The Real Storywe meet individuals with first-hand recollection of these indelible events with powerful stories to tell.

Available now from all bookshops and to order online.