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Friday Five: Georgie Center, Senior Account Executive at SHOOK


Answering the #FridayFive today is Georgie Center, Senior Account Executive at SHOOK. 


Tell us a bit about your job?

I’m a Senior Account Executive at SHOOK, a creative communications and PR agency. The core of my job is working with our clients to deliver impactful campaigns that give solutions to problems and that shake things up. All the organisations I work with are good brands that want to make a positive impact, ranging from exciting consumer brands to charities. My aim is always to get the best results for my clients, which could be anything from securing great coverage and helping to develop creative ideas that help our clients stand out, to drafting influencer strategy. I aim to make sure my clients are at the forefront of minds with greater visibility through creative campaigns that create actual change rather than just being a gimmick.

Working with a breadth of clients, I help to deliver all kinds of campaigns, from influencer programmes with famous Danish bakery Ole and Steen to integrated communications for charities. I really love my job, being a part of a hub of creativity, my days are varied and exciting, no two are ever the same and that’s just how I like it!


What are the key ingredients for success?

Personally, it’s pushing myself and sometimes feeling a little uncomfortable. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, so you must be willing to sometimes take a leap of faith. For me, that was sort of changing careers. Previously I worked within a design agency, so making the shift into PR was both exciting and daunting. Thankfully it’s paying off!


Could you describe a normal day?

A normal day starts with coffee and then making a to-do list. I like to block out my calendar into sections, so I can see what my priorities and focuses are for each day. I also like to make time to catch up with each project team as well as daily check-ins with clients, to keep them up to date on the status of each campaign. My days can then be filled with anything from press previews and media meets to influencer drops and new business pitches. As I said, each day is different which keeps me on my toes, but always excited for the week ahead.


For those trying to break into the industry, could you explain how you got to where you are today?

I’ve always wanted to do PR! I love the idea of being able to change perceptions, making an impact on how people view the brands they love.

As a student, I did Business Management at university and had PR internships throughout. I always thought I’d start in a PR agency like I am now, but I ended up taking an internal PR role for a packaging design agency which was amazing as I was a graduate managing most of the business’s PR activity. From there I moved to another design agency where I had more of a focus on client services and strategy, which I loved, but realised my desire to be in a PR agency had never left me. So, I came to SHOOK and it’s the best decision I ever made.


What are you reading, watching and listening to right now?

I’ve just started Dolly Alderton’s newest book, Dear Dolly. I adored Everything I Know About Love and have probably read it three times. I think Dolly is fantastic and her wisdom on the world really resonates with me personally, so I can’t wait to get stuck into this one.

I love a gripping series so I’m finally watching The Last of Us, which I am hooked on. I love the thrill of it and the almost haunting escapism, despite not wanting to watch alone due to the flesh-eating zombies. In terms of listening, my guilty pleasure is Wednesdays We Drink Wine with friends Sophie and Melissa. Not only does it make me laugh out loud on the tube, it’s wildly (and worryingly) relatable!

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