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Broadcast round-up: clients in action


Northbank clients on screen

From momentous breakthroughs in nuclear fusion, to the media leak of Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, our experts were called upon to comment on the top stories of the moment.

Dr Ed Owens, Royal historian and expert on the modern British monarchy, appeared on the BBC to discuss Spare, and the impact it might have in dividing public opinion against the crown.

Meanwhile, Timi Merriman-Johnson took to ITV News to offer his thoughts on last year’s Autumn Statement.

Charlotte Jessop sat on the BBC’s famous red sofa to talk about the rise in school uniform costs, and offer some useful advice on how you can reduce them.

Back in December, US scientists made a major break in the journey to nuclear fusion. Plasma physicist Dr Arthur Turrell appeared live on CNN to highlight the magnitude of these reports, ‘at a time when we’ve never needed a plentiful source of carbon-free energy more’.

Last, but certainly not least, the BBC looked to the sky with Dr Tim Gregory, Northbank’s star scientist. Tim shed light on the Quadrantids meteor shower, which fell in January.

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