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Strangeways Unlocked by Neil Samworth published in paperback today


Congratulations to Neil Samworth on the paperback publication of Strangeways Unlocked, out today from Pan Macmillan.

Strangeways Unlocked is a darkly funny, harrowing and heart-breaking look at the reality of prison life, with first-hand accounts from men who found themselves on the wrong side of the cell doors.

Neil ‘Sam’ Samworth spent eleven years as a prison officer at HMP Manchester, better known as Strangeways. He has seen it all: from notorious criminals, dangerous gangsters and repeat offenders to those who simply made the wrong decisions. In this shocking page-turner, he tracks down former prisoners and staff, and uncovers the inside story of what life is really like in one of the UK’s most infamous high-security prisons.

In brutally raw and gripping detail, Strangeways Unlocked gives voice to the people behind the bars and exposes a prison system that is failing them, providing an unforgettable account of a life that many can only imagine.

‘Neil Samworth’s story is authentic, tough, horrifying in some places and hilarious in others. It captivates the reader because the author’s honesty and decency shine through as he tells it like it is on the daily roller coaster ride of prison life in Strangeways. An enthralling, exciting but disturbing book’Jonathan Aitken

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