Celebrating recent podcast success


2022 was music to our ears thanks to Northbank’s brilliant creator clients – and 2023 promises to be just as good.

Shelina Janmohamed, William Hanson and Crystal have provided us with ground-breaking podcast activity: from chart-topping success to live-recording and a brand-new audio endeavour, our wonderful clients are doing it all.

Congratulations to Shelina, William and Crystal.

Global, the Media & Entertainment Group, has revealed details of its brand-new, ground-breaking podcast, The Shelina Show, hosted by award-winning author, advertising executive, columnist and mum of two Shelina Janmohamed.

Launching on Wednesday 18th January, The Shelina Show allows Shelina to bring her unique perspective to go beyond the headlines, exploring news and culture in the UK and the globe.

Shelina will look at the biggest stories in depth and in detail, joining the dots between topics to arm listeners with expert insights and to try to make sense of the world together.

The weekly podcast will feature interviews and discussions with a mix of familiar faces like Dan Snow and Ahir Shah, and new upcoming diverse voices sharing their perspectives on the biggest stories of the week. Shelina will also talk to leading experts to discuss a topic in depth that affects all of us, from trust and the social care crisis to grief and body image along with unexpected topics like is Facebook the next East India Company and can space travel solve sexism and racism?

The Shelina Show is the UK’s first major weekly news podcast hosted by a Muslim woman, a fresh bold unapologetic and quirky take on the current affairs that affect all our lives. It will be available on Global Player, or wherever you get your podcasts, from 18th January, with new episodes every Wednesday thereafter.

In 2022, William’s Help I Sexted My Boss topped the Spotify UK Comedy Podcast chart. Sexted pushed The Joe Rogan Experience from top spot and was in great company with fellow Spotify chart toppers The Diary of a CEO, The Rest is Politics and The News Agents.

Help I Sexted My Boss sees William answer listeners’ intriguing and unusual dilemmas about everyday life with the help of friend Jordan North. In 2021 William took Sexted on tour across 11 UK cities and since then has co-hosted Keeping Up Appearances: The Luxury Podcast, a hilarious guide to the much-loved BBC sitcom.

On Friday 16 September, Crystal recorded a live version of The Things That Made Me Queer as part of the London Podcast Festival. Fans were given an exclusive chance to listen to the episode before it appears on season three.

In The Things That Made Me Queer, Crystal sits down weekly with a range of celebrity guests and friends to chat about the touchpoints of their queer journey through the items they bring along to the studio. Catch-up on the first two seasons now on Spotify.

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