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The Path of Peace by Sir Anthony Seldon published today


Congratulations to Sir Anthony Seldon whose new book The Path of Peace is published today by Atlantic.

For 35 days in August and September 2021, Anthony Seldon hiked 1,000 km from the Swiss border along the line of the Western Front to the English Channel. He was walking in two time dimensions, which the book celebrates: the present day, with all the travails of a long-distance journey through two epidemic-stricken countries, and a walk 100 years ago through the battlefields and experiences of the combatants of the First World War.

With war on the European landmass once again, Gillespie’s vision has gained added poignancy, and in these pages Anthony reflects on the journey his own grandparents made from Ukraine to England in the early 20th century. Mixing memoir with history, travel and nature-writing, The Path of Peace is a powerful meditation on life and death.

‘The Western Front Way, an idea that waited 100 years for its moment, is the simplest and fittest memorial yet to the agony of the Great War. Anthony Seldon’s account of how he walked it, and what it means to all of us, will be an inspiration to younger generations.’ Sebastian Faulks

‘A deeply informed meditation on the First World War, an exploration of walking’s healing power, a formidable physical achievement… and above all a moving enactment of a modern pilgrimage.’Rory Stewart

‘A journey of self-discovery and a pilgrimage of peace… A remarkable book by a remarkable man.’Michael Morpurgo

‘An incredible journey that will move and inspire.’Bear Grylls

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