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Steel Girls on the Home Front by Michelle Rawlins published today


Congratulations to Michelle Rawlins, whose novel Steel Girls on the Home Front is published in paperback, ebook and audiobook by HQ today. This is the third book in Michelle’s popular Steel Girls series, set in Sheffield’s steel factories during World War Two.

Spring 1940: as the war rages on, Vickers steelworks is busier than ever which is proving tough for Nancy as she juggles working long hours and looking after two young children, all while waiting for her husband to return home safely.

Betty is determined to roll up her sleeves and joins the Women’s Voluntary Service to keep busy and stop from fretting about her fiancé.

But Patty is left worrying about someone closer to home. Sweetheart Archie has been keeping a secret from her, and one that puts him in great danger. Will it threaten to pull them apart for good?

And with life at war tougher than ever, can the factory sisters rally together to find a way through?

Michelle Rawlins is an international award winning freelance journalist with over 20 years’ experience working in print and digital media. Since 2019, she has taught in the journalism department at the University of Sheffield, working across the BA and MA courses. She is also the author of the non-fiction book Women of Steel, which tells the true stories of the women who worked in Sheffield’s steel factories.

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