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The Science of Murder by Carla Valentine chosen as a Barnes and Noble monthly pick


We are delighted to announce that The Science of Murder  by Carla Valentine, published in the US and Canada by Sourcebooks yesterday, is a Barnes and Noble pick for June. 

Agatha Christie is the bestselling novelist of all time, and nearly every story she ever wrote involves one―or, more commonly, several―dead bodies. The cause of death, the motives behind violent crimes, the clues that inevitably are left behind, and the people who put the pieces together to solve the mystery invite the reader to analyze the evidence and race to find the answer before the detective does. Nearly every step of the way, Christie outlines the nuts and bolts of early 20th-century crime detection, relying on physical evidence to tell the real story behind the facades humans erect to escape detection.

Christie wouldn’t have talked of ‘forensics’ as it is understood today―most of her work predates the modern developments of forensics science―but in each tale she harnesses the power of human observation, ingenuity, and scientific developments of the era. In The Science of Murder Carla, a qualified mortuary technician and curator of the Barts Pathology Museum, examines the use of fingerprints, firearms, handwriting, blood spatter analysis, toxicology and much more in Christie’s beloved works.

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