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How to create extraordinary opportunities by handing over control: Peter Docker’s Leading from the Jumpseat published today


Top motivational speaker Peter Docker‘s first solo book is published today.

Drawing on his 25-year career in the Royal Air Force, and over 14 years spent partnering with businesses around the world, in Leading from the Jumpseat Peter shows how to create opportunity in business and in life by handing over control to others.

Everyone is capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. If you share this belief, then this book was written for you. In business and in life, handing over the reins to others is inevitable. Everyone will eventually leave their team, retire from being the CEO, or see their kids leave home and lead their own lives. Leading from the Jumpseat enables us to embrace this inevitability.

Why not make this part of your story by booking Peter to speak at your next event. Drop us a line on to find out more.

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