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Kate Leaver and Elizabeth Ogabi launch new podcasts


Northbank clients Kate Leaver and Elizabeth Ogabi have launched their respective podcasts, Who’s A Good Dogand How I Made It Happen (series two).

Released in time for International Animal Day, Who’s A Good Dog is a new podcast hosted by Kate Leaver and produced by Arlie Adlington and Stripped Media. It follows the success of Kate’s much loved book, Good Dog: Celebrating the dogs who change and even save our lives, published in March 2021 by HarperCollins.

The premise is simple: it’s a series of extremely sweet, hopeful, moving and funny conversations with wonderful people about their canine best friends. It’s for anyone who’s ever loved a dog, wanted a dog, or wondered what it’s like to have a dog. Host Kate Leaver is joined by her favourite living creature, Battersea rescue Shih tzu, Bert, who is compensated for his editorial work in cheese.

Together, Kate and Bertie host a wealth of interesting dog owners, including national treasure Sir Tony Robinson, author Jon Ronson, actor Phoebe Tonkin, drag performer Amrou Al-Kahid and others. Kate asks her guests endearingly specific questions about their dogs, like the most expensive thing they’ve ever destroyed, where they sleep at night and whether they’ve ever done anything noble, embarrassing or hilarious. Also: how they’ve changed lives, what effect they have on our mental health and whether they play family members off each other to get double dinners. A spectrum of silly and poignant topics.

Also just launched is the second series of Elizabeth Ogabi’s entrepreneurial podcast, How I Made It Happen. In her podcast, entrepreneur, communications consultant, speaker and educator Elizabeth interviews entrepreneurs, side hustlers, movement makers and innovators who have
gone through it all and are willing to share their stories of guts, glories and failures.

The second series comes shortly after publication of Elizabeth’s debut book, published by HarperCollins, Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business.

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