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The Insta-Food Diet by Pixie Turner out in paperback today


Nutritionist and science communicator Pixie Turner‘s guide to eating well in the age of social media, is out in paperback today from Head of Zeus.

Social media is a major part of modern life. Most of us can’t imagine not using it, and it’s unrealistic to assume that’s even possible.

We are obsessed with social media

We share pictures of our food and inspect what everyone else is eating, compare calories and macros, and get involved in wacky and dangerous food challenges. We think we’re in control but most of us have no idea how much of an impact it has.

Did you realise that posting pics of your meal can actually make it taste better? That #cleaneating is giving you anxiety? That the influencers you follow are actually shaping government policy around food?

Pixie Turner is here to arm you with everything you need to know to take back control – and make social media work for you.

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