Sir Richard Henriques shares his expertise in new Channel 5 documentary The Killing of James Bulger


Following the paperback release of his memoir From Crime to Crime last week, former judge Sir Richard Henriques is to appear on Channel 5 documentary The Killing of James Bulger.

Former Justice of the High Court of England and Wales, Sir Richard has been centre stage in some of the most high-profile and notorious cases of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In From Crime to Crime he not only recreates some of his most famous cases but also includes his trenchant views on the state of the British judicial system; how it works – or doesn’t – and the current threats to the rule of law that affect us all.

In new documentary The Killing of James Bulger, broadcasting in two parts tonight and tomorrow on Channel 5, Sir Richard reflects on his role in the trial of James Bulger’s killers, following their shocking murder of the toddler in 1993. This two-part documentary tells the definitive story of the case, examining in forensic detail what happened on that tragic day, how the young killers were caught and the devastating legacy of the murder on James’s family and the community.


Part One of The Killing of James Bulger will be broadcast at 9pm this evening on Channel 5, with Part Two to follow at 9pm tomorrow.

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