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The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart by Dr Sheila Kanani published today


The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart by Dr Sheila Kanani is published today by Puffin.

Amelia Earhart broke flying records, wrote best-selling books, launched a fashion label and fought for the rights of female pilots everywhere. Her disappearance, in the midst of her attempt to circumnavigate the globe, is one of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries, and today she is remembered as not only the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, but for being a bold, brace and adventurous woman who fought tirelessly for what she believed.

Part of Puffin’s bold and inclusive Extraordinary Lives biography series, The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart shines a light on a pilot who broke records and made history in an entertaining, accessible and educational way.


Dr Sheila Kanani is a planetary physicist, science presenter, secondary school physics teacher and space comedian, with a background in astrophysics and astronomy research from UK universities. She is is currently the Education, Outreach and Diversity officer for the Royal Astronomical Society in London.

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