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A debut author at the age of 94 with H.R.F. Keating: A Life of Crime


Crime writer and reviewer Martin Edwards has profiled the new biography H.R.F. Keating: A Life of Crime, written by Harry’s wife, actress Sheila Mitchell:

“There aren’t many authors who publish their first book at the age of 94. And I bet there are even fewer whose debut is such a lively read as H.R.F. Keating: a Life in Crime, the biography of a notable crime writer and critic. But then the author in question, Sheila Mitchell, is quite a special individual. She’s the ideal person to write the book, since she is Harry Keating’s widow. And what is more, she is a very readable writer.”

Sheila’s debut comes after Harry’s Inspector Ghote series of detective novels was optioned by Endemol Shine India. Dramatic rights were acquired by Endemol Shine India from Northbank broadcast agent James Carroll on behalf of Peter Buckman at The Ampersand Agency and the H.R.F. Keating Estate. Martin goes on to say:

“I hope this book will draw even more attention to Harry’s very varied output; it certainly should. As for Sheila, her energy and determination to see this project through is entirely admirable. I’m so pleased, both for her and for Harry, that this delightful book is now available at last.”

Read Martin’s full blog here.

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