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Dr Hannah Fry presents Coronavirus: A Horizon Special – Part II


Dr Hannah Fry is to present the second instalment of Coronavirus: A Horizon Special, to be broadcast on Tuesday 19 of May at 9pm on BBC Two.

Alongside Dr Chris van Tulleken and Michael Mosley, Hannah looks ahead to see what the UK will be like in a year’s time. Turning to the mathematical models that have been key in shaping government policy, she explores what they say about the tightrope we’ll all have to walk between an open society and an overwhelmed hospital system. What does the maths reveal about how we can live with the virus? Plus, she delves into the data, investigating what the figures show us and what they don’t. Who is at risk from this disease? How many of us have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, and how many are still at risk?

The first instalment of Coronavirus: A Horizon Special was watched live by 1.8 million people, and referred to as “brilliant television,” “more clear and concise scientific fact in the first five minutes than we’ve had in the last month or so,” and “the most fascinating and informative thing I have seen about COVID-19,” by viewers on Twitter.

You can watch Coronavirus: A Horizon Special – Part II on Tuesday 19 May at 9pm on BBC Two, or catch up on BBC iPlayer.


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