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James Carroll: Weekend Leisure Podcasts Take Centre Stage


In Mortem Carla Valentine takes you from the mortuary to the scene of a crime to find out how a body got to her slab.


We’ve had an incredible response from Northbank’s clients and our colleagues in the audio industry after a call out for audio ideas to produce in lockdown. It’s interesting to hear from podcast host Acast in Broadcast magazine about how listening has already changed:

“Listening habits are starting to shift from weekday commuting to weekend leisure, according to Susie Warhurst, senior vice president of content for podcasting hosting platform Acast. For the weekend 21 – 22 March, Acast’s global weekend listening was up by 7%.

Acast-hosted current affairs shows were up by 15%, with educational podcasts and shows promoting health and wellness also faring well.

However, with sports events cancelled the world over, audiences for sport and recreation podcasts contracted by 2% in the same period.”

Frequent themes over the last few weeks have been community, nostalgia, escapism, smart learning, working from home and parenting. But we’ve found any distinctive audio content with a substantial, shareable story to tell is finding a good audience at the moment.


In The Wire Stripped Dave and Kobi go back to the Baltimore pits to rewatch every episode of HBO’S The Wire, possibly the greatest show of all time. 


Some of these conversations have developed into ideas that could be deployed when people return to work or over the coming years, and we’ll be sharing some fast turnaround projects in the coming weeks.


In season 2 of 13 Minutes to the Moon Dr Kevin Fong jumps aboard a doomed mission to the Moon in the extraordinary story of Apollo 13.


Meanwhile, check out some of our favourites: Mortem, The Wire Stripped, 13 Minutes to the Moon, National Trust, The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry, Second Opinion, Help I Sexted My Boss and Infotagion.


James Carroll is the Northbank Broadcast & Brand Licensing Agent, and handles all of Northbank’s audio projects.

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